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MicroConf Remote 2021

Start Small, Stay Small

A week ago, I went to MicroConf Remote 2021. This was the first time of my six times going to MicroConf that I did not feel like a loser among athletes. This was the first time I went to MicroConf where I wasn’t nursing the one idea I’ve had since forever, that by now Segment has comfortably updated and made way easier to do (Huh! It’s “Twilio Segment” now? Didn’t see that one coming.).

Microconf Europe

This was the first year that my staying awake during the conference wasn’t touch and go because of lack of oxygen and anemia. This was the first year that I wasn’t physically there in Las Vegas, or Dubrovnic, and thus the first year that my tiny self didn’t feel overwhelmed by giants from Europe (are the Dutch getting taller?) and America.
Dubrovnik '19

Speaking of which, this was the first year in which it wasn’t: Well maybe this is just a mostly white people thing and...

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How Often Should I Write?

There’s this concept I have of “Play Doctor”. Play Doctors are like regular doctors except they have no clue.

When I was at AOL, I was privy to so many cool things in tech, and I had no clue what was happening in the real world, and why AOL had such a mediocre reputation. People would want things, or they’d want AOL to specifically create things, such as an answer to Microsoft’s email software or some such thing, and I wanted so badly to point at the product that I was helping test in the company that did just that, but way better than Microsoft could ever do it – but I couldn’t because we hadn’t launched yet (and never would). The world just didn’t understand how cool AOLers had it inside the company.

Same thing with Play Doctors. A Play Doctor is a doctor at Georgetown University Hospital (where I did my transplants) who is completely clueless about how the world works outside the...

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I’m the new owner of!

Hi ​[First Name]​,

I’m Samori Augusto, and I’m the new owner of OneMetric. From the moment I saw OneMetric, I knew it was the tool I needed to achieve my next dream: running an online SaaS business focused on my own love and long experience in business intelligence.

I’m a part of the Microconf and Startups for the Rest of Us (podcast) community, where we believe in building bootstrapped or lightly funded businesses that support our lifestyles, help us and our fellow entrepreneurs succeed, and do relative good (not evil).

I was searching for and exploring ideas, including one I’ve nurtured for years, when I discovered that OneMetric was for sale. A short while later: here we are!

It has been a pleasure working with the One Metric team on the transition, and I very much appreciate that they are around for a short while to support us and make sure things start off well.

As with every...

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At the end of 2020, I felt I was moving way too slowly on fulfilling my major dream: reach the point where I was running my own SaaS business. So I decided to change direction, and started researching online properties that hewed close to my own vision for a business intelligence tool that helped vendors and entrepreneurs gain insights from their data and grow.

By the time January was over, I had done exactly that.

The main property I bought was a website that provided a system for advisors and angel investors to monitor metrics from the properties they had invested in/advised/bought. I saw a greater vision for the site and acted.

The next post is the “press release” email I sent to several of the registered emails (including current subscribers, trialers, and potential customers of what was then called One Metric.

So rather than provide direct consulting services or...

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Paying it Forward and Backward

I have an idea: at some point some organization is going to decide what each human on Earth has consumed, and each person will be required to pay it back to the general human species.

So it should be possible to estimate how many resources or much in resources I’ve consumed since I was born.

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2021 Themes

I’ve adopted Brian Casel’s 2019 idea of setting themes for your plans for the new year, rather than focusing on goals.

I have both 2020 - 2029 decade themes and yearly themes, but the decade themes have a touch of privacy, so I’ll stick to sharing the yearly themes. For 2020 I just named a few short sentences as themes. For this year, I took a little inspiration from Mr. Atomic Habits, James Clear, and decided to embody the identities of the activities behind the theme.

2021 Themes


  • Specific target: Invest in multi-family real estate, crowdfunding, Reg A+, and stock & bonds to increase cash flow by 25% to pay for the universities, travel, and fun experiences


  • Specific target: Continue stair-stepping - design, create, market, and launch two side projects, one software-based (bought or built), the other informational


  • Specific target: Visit Southern...

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Consultants! Good God! What are they good for? Absolutely —!

Through Rose Colored Glasses

If you bring it up, I’ll be the first one to admit that consultants are leeches. Our least endearing quality is the habit of pointing out the almost painfully obvious, and then getting rewarded for it. Then, there’s also the fact that thanks to Clinton and to Mr. Inconvenient Truth, the government can’t run without us.

But we must also do some good, otherwise, we would have been driven off the cliff in a bus with all those lawyers. I actually enjoy consulting work. I enjoy experiencing different environments, applying my management and tech expertise so others can focus on what they do better, teaching people what I know, and leaving behind a solution I poured my sweat and time into and am feeling pretty good about.

Normally, on a new project, the people at the organization I’m parachuting into have a pretty good idea of what they think they want, they...

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