2021 Themes

I’ve adopted Brian Casel’s 2019 idea of setting themes for your plans for the new year, rather than focusing on goals.

I have both 2020 - 2029 decade themes and yearly themes, but the decade themes have a touch of privacy, so I’ll stick to sharing the yearly themes. For 2020 I just named a few short sentences as themes. For this year, I took a little inspiration from Mr. Atomic Habits, James Clear, and decided to embody the identities of the activities behind the theme.

2021 Themes #




I’m keeping the above as the main themes, but I’m not spelling out the full picture because I am in no way abandoning my W2 - I like working there, I like the work, I am learning a lot. So the identities above don’t necessarily negate the W2, it’s still, for example, very much part of the investment because the 25% more is based on the W2 as the base.

Also, I want to make my months themed, without necessarily having to spell it out. For example, January is writing month because I know I have several writing related projects I want to work on. So for each month, I’ll have to look forward and back and decide whether I did what I needed and what the next month will be.

2020 #

Last year was mixed for me. The pandemic allowed me to do some things, but I also wasted great swathes of it not making useful progress.

2020 is the year of the college application and I want to have a successful college application outcome for my daughter.

Methodically moving forward on shipping two side project ideas

Visit Southern Africa and Iceland

Gleðilegt nýtt ár


Calm app: Garden Rain scene, on high to rock it out! #

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