How Often Should I Write?

There’s this concept I have of “Play Doctor”. Play Doctors are like regular doctors except they have no clue.

When I was at AOL, I was privy to so many cool things in tech, and I had no clue what was happening in the real world, and why AOL had such a mediocre reputation. People would want things, or they’d want AOL to specifically create things, such as an answer to Microsoft’s email software or some such thing, and I wanted so badly to point at the product that I was helping test in the company that did just that, but way better than Microsoft could ever do it – but I couldn’t because we hadn’t launched yet (and never would). The world just didn’t understand how cool AOLers had it inside the company.

Same thing with Play Doctors. A Play Doctor is a doctor at Georgetown University Hospital (where I did my transplants) who is completely clueless about how the world works outside the hospital because they are drowning in cool healthcare advancements and tech, inside the hospital.

So I would get prescriptions from very serious young-ish men (Play Doctors are always men – they’re the ones who are always serious and in a hurry) who were seriously trying to help cure me of my current transplant-related ailment (and lord, there have been many!), and who would scribble down 10ml of Prednisone and send me off to the Pharmacy downstairs: Georgetown’s own pharmacy. And at that hospital pharmacy the pharmacists and techs would look at me as if I were a buffoon – “There is no such thing as 10ml of Prednisone!”

What?! Uh…maybe those guys at GUH were just racist and they wanted to be mean, so I’d hit two more pharmacies, and get the same furrowed brows, and then I would say to myself, “Durn it! Fooled by those Play Doctors again!”

Anyway, on this blog I wanted to talk about my day. So I thought I would start with the worst thing that happened all day, and that was throwing up during my transfusion. Now, I have kids. And when my son (electrical engineer, Don King afro, go Terrapins! – like, picture Steph Curry, if he wasn’t playing basketball but was an electrical engineer with a Beaker from Sesame Street afro, who woke up at 2pm daily) is about to throw up he does not, like me, sit near the bathroom, lay his head back and breathe A B A B, in through the nose, out through the mouth, there’s still a chance to stem this tide, A B A – dammit!, then carefully pull away the bathroom rug, lift the toilet seat, and turn on the fan and water in one smooth gesture. No. He waits till the last second as if listening to the voice of God, and then makes a mad dash vomiting all the way from his bed, all over the bathroom, and dribbling a bit into the toilet.

I should retitle this article.

But all that is to say: from the moment I said “I feel nauseous. I’m going to throw up. I’m going to throw up right now” – sure, it was monotone, but I was still trying to punctuate the urgency because I saw the nurse freeze at my first words – I knew there was time. It’s a buildup and I’m an adult, I know to hold it. Still it took two minutes for wits to return, mad eyes to dart around the room, and then running out to ask for a bag, which was…back in the room, top shelf, left hand side, you know, like we practiced?

So I came up with this thing I’m calling “Kid Nurse”…

The best thing that happend today was I watched the MicroConf on Air talk between Rob Walling and John Knox, and that conversation sparked the desire to reach out to Rob for the first time, which I did. “So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.”

I am thinking hard about how to attract a CTO for It feels as if it’s only possible to get a partner when I have way more to offer.

I bought a Surface Duo in August of 2020. Part of it was rah, rah, support the company. Part of it was curiousity at this new device. Today, I decided to open the box and use my Duo for the very first time. My Duo decided the opposite. I love the company I work for, but we…do not make it easy to speak to us. I finally found a phone number and felt like a thief. Sure, Google will put barriers for you to get all kinds of information from Google, but they are way too happy to provide you with customer service numbers for anyone else.

My question required Level III, at which point the phone went dead.

Also heard Nathan Barry’s first “Art of Newletters podcast” (which came right after a previous NB podcast about some Russian or Eastern European making fun of everyone and basically describing his boss as if he were Putin [We don’t need customer Support! My Boss, he…] completely unlistenable, not sure what NB was thinking). The newsletter episode inspired me to work on a newsletter, which made me think about my blog, and that inspired me to work on my blog again. And now I have remembered why blogs are difficult: I can’t stick to a topic.

What was I going to write about? Oh yes: interesting new site of the week. There are lots of lead generation tools out there. All I remember is LeadFuze, which was my dream integration. “Finds email addresses in seconds,” says Hmm, I wanted Rob’s address earlier today, let’s see…Not impressed. So not a cool tool of the week.

There’s also Panelbear, which looks like Google Analytics for those who like UI’s with all white space, and bears. It’s doing real-time analytics, which is partially my day job, or at least it’s my job to convince you that I can build those for you. And when I say I, I mean the royal I, as in My Day Job, Co. That’s a cool tool of the week.

So, in conclusion, I’m going to try not to write like this, bi-weekly. Weekly is way too much of a commit. Maybe I can do a CasJam and tell you what music I’m listening to and what movie I thought was great. I do not promise a technical article, but that’s what it’s all about, I assure you.


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