I’m the new owner of OneMetric.io!

Hi ​[First Name]​,

I’m Samori Augusto, and I’m the new owner of OneMetric. From the moment I saw OneMetric, I knew it was the tool I needed to achieve my next dream: running an online SaaS business focused on my own love and long experience in business intelligence.

I’m a part of the Microconf and Startups for the Rest of Us (podcast) community, where we believe in building bootstrapped or lightly funded businesses that support our lifestyles, help us and our fellow entrepreneurs succeed, and do relative good (not evil).

I was searching for and exploring ideas, including one I’ve nurtured for years, when I discovered that OneMetric was for sale. A short while later: here we are!

It has been a pleasure working with the One Metric team on the transition, and I very much appreciate that they are around for a short while to support us and make sure things start off well.

As with every transition, though, there will be changes to accommodate the vision I bring of OneMetric. For one, you may have noticed that I write the name as “OneMetric”. That is on purpose. First, it feels intuitive to me. Second, it differentiates from a couple of other “One Metrics” out there. Additionally: pricing will change. Well, you saw that coming. But I do promise to grandfather the current subscribers in their current rates until the end of 2021 – assuming it’s beneficial to you.

Finally, as my vision unfolds, it won’t be 100% perfect. There will be experimentation and hiccups. I want to expand the business, while keeping OneMetric true to its Top Metrics core. Here’s how I summarized my vision to a friend:

OneMetric helps entrepreneurs, vendors, investors maximize returns from a portfolio of one or more businesses, through the use of a dashboard, top metrics, and reports.

Enh – it’s a little fuzzy for now, but it’ll gel. So please join me as we take the business on a hopefully exciting journey. I will be reaching out to each of you soon to learn more about the value you already receive and what more value you would like to see in OneMetric.

Thanks for your support,

Samori and the new OneMetric team.


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